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Head & Face Release Treatment Australian Note


Personal Treatment

    $100.00 / 75min

 Subtle touch for decollete, face and head release physical and nervous tension. After release your tension and stress, face muscles go back to original position. Your eye open widely also revitalise your looks!


現代レイキ/霊気 セミナー Practitioner 

   Yuki TAMURA
     Facial Harmony Balacing Practitioner
     Access Bars Practitioner
     Gendai Reiki Master Attuned by Hiroshi Doi
     Support member of GRN
Master & Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner Member of Reiki Australia

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナー
LOTUS HOUSE SYDENY    LOTUS HOUSE Helen Street Lane Cove NSW 2066 Australia
      visitor car parks available at rear.

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナー
   Direct deposit, paypal or cash.


現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーBooking
  booking essential 2days advanced.
  mobile:0418 271 005

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