What is Gendai Reiki ?


“Reiki Healing” is a very simple but powerful healing
method using universal energy
for everyday life.
It is not only a healing method
but a way of life itself.

Anyone can do it.
Everyone can benefit
especially therapists and mothers.

GENDAI REIKI Ho is the beautiful harmony of
Japanese traditional Reiki with
Western Reiki (Hayashi to Takata lineage) founded by Hiroshi DOI.


Gendai Reiki CDs and Books
Videos about Gendai Reiki & Doi Sensei

Gendai Reiki Seminar

*After you have my courses you can retake them free.
*If you have learned Reiki in any other lineage, we have a special offer for Practitioners or Masters/Teachers.

Koryu kai
(Reiki gathering)
1hours A$15.00
 not currently provided.
Face to face or online.

The “Koryukai” is open to anyone who is interested in Reiki and would like to learn it.
This is an opportunity to know about and experience Reiki.

The content will vary according to participants.
 What is Reiki?
 The different types of Reiki and their differences.
 Levels of the Gendai Reiki Seminar.
 Experience of some techniques and healing.

If you have already studied Gendai Reiki, please join the practice day below.
If participants are practitioners only, it will be switched to the practice day..

Level 1 SHODEN 6hours A$340.00
18th June 12:00-18:00  
History, lineage and basic understanding of Reiki and USUI Sensei.
Learn how to heal yourself, family, friends, animals, plants, foods, space, etc.
Useful techniques.

After attending SHODEN, you will be required to practice for at least 21 days before attending OKUDEN.
Level 2 OKUDEN 5hours A$340.00
Level1-2 pay together A$580.00
9th July 13:00-18:00  
3 Symbols and Mantras.
Distance healing.
Western and Traditional Techniques.

By completing OKUDEN, you have completed your studies as a Reiki healing practitioner and are ready to practice as a Reiki practitioner.

After Okuden, it is advisable to attend the practice day(bellow) as often as possible.
Level 3 SHINPIDEN 5hours A$580.00
4th/master Symbol and Mantra.
Philosophy for health and happiness, also methods for spiritual growth.

   You will learn how to improve our spirituality.
 The theme is “From negative to zero”.

 The focus will shift from the “how to healing” to the “state of mind”.
    It is very important to improve the balance between spirituality and healing power.
 The basic philosophy is in the way we live and mind in everyday life.
 This class is designed to teach you how to use Reiki and how to use your mind to become a more proficient Reiki practitioner.

It is recommended that you have at least 6 months practice since Gendai Reiki SHODEN, and attending at least two practice day.

Level 4 GOKUIDEN 14hours
1Day half course
become a master/teacher
Review all techniques, structure and important points of level1-3.
Learning for enlightenment.
more about Traditional Reiki(Gakkai).
How to attunment.

   Learn how to teach and develop yourself as a Gendai Reiki Master.
As a Master you will learn how to further develop your spirituality, the essence of Reiki and how to teach.

 After completion of GOKUIDEN, you will be a Gendai Reiki Master.

 The content and techniques taught in Levels 1-3 will be reviewed and confirmed.
 You will learn and practice the skills needed to give presentations in class and to teach others.
 You will learn how to improve yourself as a master.
 Practice, presentation and discussion rather than a lecture.

 You will be given homework before the class and you are encouraged to retake Levels 1-3 as many times as you can to ensure you have practiced and understood the content.

  *In Gendai Reiki, “Master” is used for those who have completed the Gokuden and not the term Teacher.

It is recommended that you have at least one year practice since Gendai Reiki SHODEN, and have attended at least two Gendai Reiki practice day since SHINPIDEN. 

Practice day for Level2 or upper practitioner
2hours A$30.00
   10:00-12:00 Online / Face to Face

For those who have completed Gendai Reiki Level 2 and above.

Everyday Practice of Reiki is more important than having classes.
The more you practice what you have learnt, the more questions you will have.

It is also a good opportunity for those who have forgotten how to practice Reiki in their busy lives.
The practice day is a good opportunities that you practice with someone also having tranquil time in your busy days.

[contents] it will be changed time to time.
Question and answer.
Chant Gokai.
Practice some techniques.
Read and discuss with Gyosei(Waka poem read by Meiji Emperor)
Mutual Healing.
*We will discuss topics as required by the participants.

This is open to anyone who has completed Gendai Reiki Level 2 or above, regardless of where they have studied.
If you have studied other Gendai Reiki master, please contact me with all your Gendai Reiki certificate.

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナー class condition

Yuki also has courses in Japan in Spring & Autumn every year.
also attended Doi Sensi’s Master courses to update about once a year.

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーBooking Form →
   booking essential at least 2days before.
            (please replace ★to@)
   mobile:0418 271 005



Gendai Reiki Official Manual distribution.


These are the latest Gendai Reiki English Manuals started from Mid September 2020.
They are folded booklet with Serial Number and Name of your Master at the back of back cover.
 Yuki is an official distributor of Gendai Reiki Manuals for Australia and New Zealand.

Before you place an order, please read these carefully,
 About the Authorized Distributor System

 Gendai Reiki Healing Association Authorized Distributors

 International Common Standards for Gendai Reiki Masters

You also need attach bellow for the first time;
    1.Your Reiki Certificates.
    2.Your leanage.
    3.Pictures of manuals you have. (include Serial Nimber on the back if there are.)
It may take about 10-14 working days from order to deliver.

Order: yukitamuraaus★gmail.com
    (please change ★to@)
            *When you have not received reply from me in a few days, please check your spam box. or send a SMS. Thanks.)

*When Master uses copy version or modified version of manuals, that class will not be recognised as a “Gendai Reiki” seminar.



Reiki / Kinesiology Session

1.Reiki Treatment
 relax and enjoy the wave of Reiki.
   $100.00 / 60min

   $450.00 / 60minx5

2.Kinesiology  Session

  $300.00 / 120min
  $855.00 / 360min

 coaching/Counseling with muscle test.
   To help your stress release and/or achive your goal.


現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーMaster 


Yuki TAMURA ->lineage
      Gendai Reiki Master Attuneded by Hiroshi Doi
  Member of Gendai Reiki Healing Association 
  Master & Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner Member of Reiki Australia

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーVenue


  LOTUS HOUSE Helen Street Lane Cove NSW 2066 Australia
          visitor car parks available at rear.
現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーPayment
   Direct deposit to Bank account only.

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーBooking Form →
booking essential at least 2days before.
            (please replace ★to@.)
mobile:0418 271 005

* dates are negotiable.

*If you have learned Reiki or a Master/Teacher of any other lineage, ask by email attached your all certificates and your master’s homepage.
Please understand that you need to have all 4 levels of Gendai Reiki even though you are a Master/Teacher in any other lineages. Because you can not teach what you are not learning.
But in some cases, we may offer some discount for Practitioners or Masters/Teachers.

Yuki also has courses in Japan in Spring & Autumn every year.
also attend Doi Sensi’s courses to update about once a year.


    When you have not received reply from me in a few days, please check your spam box. Thank you.)