現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーMaster 


Yuki TAMURA ->lineage
      Gendai Reiki Master Attuneded by Hiroshi Doi
  Member of Gendai Reiki Healing Association 
  Master & Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner Member of Reiki Australia

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーVenue


  LOTUS HOUSE Helen Street Lane Cove NSW 2066 Australia
          visitor car parks available at rear.
現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーPayment
   Direct deposit to Bank account only.

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーBooking Form →
booking essential at least 2days before.
            (please replace ★to@.)
mobile:0418 271 005

* dates are negotiable.

*If you have learned Reiki or a Master/Teacher of any other lineage, ask by email attached your all certificates and your master’s homepage.
Please understand that you need to have all 4 levels of Gendai Reiki even though you are a Master/Teacher in any other lineages. Because you can not teach what you are not learning.
But in some cases, we may offer some discount for Practitioners or Masters/Teachers.

Yuki also has courses in Japan in Spring & Autumn every year.
also attend Doi Sensi’s courses to update about once a year.