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GENDAI REIKI Australian Note
--a way of Life --
-- Harmony of Traditional Reiki and Western Reiki --

*After you have my courses you can retake them free.
*If you have learned Reiki in any other lineage, we have a special offer for Practitioners or Masters/Teachers.

  Koryu kai
(Reiki gathering)
3hours A$15.00
  Come and Experience it!
Koryukai (Reiki gathering) are open to all. It is a
important part of Gendai Reikiho practice, and it is held
regularly by many Gendai Reikiho Masters. Its purpose is
to create a field of high-level healing energy, so that
the participants can receive Reiki's benefit just by being
there. People who have not received Attunement can also
participate and find out for themselves what Reiki is.

Gendai Reikiho practitioners of all levels are advised to
participate in Koryukai as often as possible to strengthen
and purify the energy in a way that is difficult to
achieve in personal practice. The typical techniques
practiced include: Prayer of Litght and Meditation,
Jikojoka Healing (an Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai technique for
self-cleansing/purification), Reiki-mawashi, Prayer for
Universal Peace. Self-introduction by all participants is
also an important part. One of highlight of a Koryukai is
Gendai Reiju (all Masters give Reiju to all participants
who ask for it) - participating Masters can elevate their
energy level by mutually exchanging Reiki with other
Masters. First-timers can temporarily (a few hours to a
day or two, depending on the recipient) practice Reiki
healing after receiving Gendai Reiju. Another highlight is
a Reiki-marathon. The Reiki can be received from aldoiclassesl the
people who attended on the day.

  Level 1 SHODEN
6hours A$330.00
27th February  12:00-18:00 

History and basic philosophy of Reiki and USUI Sensei.
Learn some techniques to heal yourself, Family and friends.
Useful methods.
  Level 2 OKUDEN

Level1-2 set A$550.00/ 5hours A$330.00

4th March  10:00-15:00 

3 Symbols and Mantras.
Distance healing.
Western/Traditional Techniques.

5hours A$550.00
on request 13:00-18:00

4th/master Symbol and Mantra.
Philosophy for health and happiness, and methods for spiritual growth.

  Level 4 GOKUIDEN
on request 12:00-18:00
  become a master/teacher
Review all techniques, structure and important points of level1-3.
Learning for enlightenment.
more about Traditional Reiki(Gakkai).
How to attunment.
  Practice day
3hours A$30.00

17th March 10:00-13:00 for Level2 or upper practitione

10:00-13:00 for Gendai Reiki Masters

    The practice day is open for Gendai Reiki Level 2 or upper practitioner.

 Pracitice some techniques.
 Healing each other.

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナー Master 

  Yuki TAMURA ->lineage
      Gendai Reiki Master Attuneded by Hiroshi Doi
Member of Gendai Reiki Healing Association 
Master & Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner Member of Reiki Australia
   Facial Harmony Balacing Practitioner

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナー 
  LOTUS HOUSE Helen StreetLane Cove NSW 2066 Australia
visitor car parks available at rear.

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナー
   Direct deposit to Bank account only.

現代レイキ/霊気 セミナーBooking
booking essential at least 2days before.
            (please replace ★to@.)  
mobile:0418 271 005

  * dates are negotiable.

*If you have learned Reiki or a Master/Teacher of any other lineage, ask by email attached your all certificates and your master's homepage.
Please understand that you need to have all 4 levels of Gendai Reiki even though you are a Master/Teacher in any other lineages. Because you can not teach what you are not learning.
But in some cases, we may offer some discount for Practitioners or Masters/Teachers.

Yuki also has courses in Japan in Spring & Autumn every year.
also attend Doi Sensi's courses to update about once a year.

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