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Gendai Reiki
Doi Sensei's courses in Ashiya Australian Note

 Doi Sensi has his courses every month in Ashiya in Japan.

Here is his schedule reprinted by courtesy of Doi Sensi.
But please note it is not always synchronised with his information.

He does the courses only in Japanese, so you need to organise a translator by yourself if you can not understand Japanese.
Please contact him through your translator.

Doi Sensei's Homepage (Japanese)
Venue:Ashiya Shimin Centre Honkan (Map-->)
add:8-24 Narihira cho Ashiya cith HYOGO Prefecture Japan

  Koryukai \1,000(free for under 15 year old)  Venue:Ashiya Shimin Centre(map)
  Everyone welcome! No need to book.
  Date Time venue note
  18th June 13:30-16:30 Room 201 registration from 13:00
  16th July 13:30-16:30 Room 201 registration from 13:00
  future plan (They are not fixed yet.)
    20th August 17th September 28th October International Koryukai @Kyoto Arashiyama
  Reiki courses Venue: Ashiya Shimin Centre(map)
  Booking essential.
Date Time Venue note
1 & 2
10th June 10:00-17:00 Room 201 lunch 12:00-13:00
11th June 10:00-14:00
Room 301 lunch 12:00-13:00
1 & 2
8th July 10:00-17:00 Room 203 lunch 12:00-13:00
9th July 10:00-14:00
Room 201 lunch 12:00-13:00
  future plan (They are not fixed yet.)
  1 & 2 26th August 23rd September Spanish class only in October  
  3 & 4 27th August 24th September  
  Event Doi Sensi attends

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