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Videos about Gendai Reiki & Doi Sensi Australian Note

  Reiki Interview to William Lee Rand at Ashiya Japan. He came to do Interview to Hiroshi Doi sensei, then I offered interview to him!

  Dr.Chiaki Kudo (Brain surgeon/Neurosocientist) said,
"In the modern century,we should show the scientific evidence for the effect of the promising Gendai Reiki therapy.And I believe the new EEG technology must be the key to the door of scientific New Reiki world."

  20-23.Oct.2011 "Wheel of Life2" in Italy. Closing Speech by Hiroshi Doi.

22.Oct.2011"Wheel of Life2" in ITALY.
"Reiki, the road of love and grattitude. by Hiroshi Doi & Masaru Emoto.


1st.May.2008 ABC(Australia Bora Casting)
What Is Reiki Relaxation - ABC News

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